With Abrams Sunshades the parameters of sun control are in your hands. Blade, louver, perforated panel, and mesh systems can create a variety of visual screening by manipulating the number and spacing of elements. Shading designs can be assembled from our assortment of standard details, or as a custom design that meets even the most stringent specifications. Our metal mesh screens are also available as green-walls or trellises, bringing the color and variety of plant life to your exterior design.
Our outrigger systems can attach a sun control device to almost any exterior surface. Outriggers can span out from vertical surfaces as cantilevers, suspend from metal rods, or extend out from window mullions. We can fabricate outrigger shapes as tubes, channels, or plates. Blades can also be produced as extrusions or they can be built up from sections of formed metal.
Sunshades can be used to control day lighting levels of both interior and exterior spaces. When shading exterior glazing, sunshades will improve the quality of interior spaces by eliminating glare and controlling heat gain. As part of our integrated building systems approach; Abrams can evaluate a solar design to help your project achieve LEED credits.

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