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Dynamix Custom Metal Fabricators

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Dynamix specializes in woodgrain sublimation of aluminum metals, resulting in material that is both durable and versatile. Our decorative woodgrain aluminum is available in smooth or textured natural finish and appears nearly indistinguishable from real wood. Available in over 200 combinations of woodgrain patterns and powder colors, there are countless options suitable for any project. 

Metal panels, Sunshades, Column Covers, Louvers, Trellis, Canopies and more.-

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Characteristics of Decoral powder coating finish:


– Anti Graffiti

– Anti Slip

– Scratch Proof

– Super Durable (UV Resistant)

– TGIC Free ( Non Toxic)

– Water and Humidity Proof

– Aesthetic Appeal

– Does Not Swell or Warp



The powder coating wood grain process is a sublimation process, using pressure and heat combined.  The decorative patterns of faux wood grain are transferred into powder coated surfaces that have been completely cured.

Visualize a photograph of a piece of natural grain that is placed on a transfer material.  To create the effect of faux wood grain, a coat of powder is applied to a metal substrate and semi-baked.  Once it has cooled, the custom wood grain transfer is applied and vacuumed to remove air trapped between the powder and the transfer.  Lastly, a final bake of the combined system is performed to facilitate the perfect decorative coating fuse.  Next, dye on the transfer then volatilizes, forming the grain as a substantial portion of the powder film and a custom finish coating results.

Wood grain powder coating on aluminum comes I smooth or textured natural finish and looks so realistic that you can’t believe it’s not wood, enhancing the look and adding value to your project.

If you would like a quote or additional information on our Dynamix Custom Metals System, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!