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Featured Projects

Porsche Headquarters North America

Shelby County Services Building

Lakeview Green Apartments

Element Hotel - Nashville, TN

AT&T Data Center

Greyhound Bus Station

Porsche of Orlando

UAB Abroms-Engel Institute for Visual Arts

Porsche Service Center

Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Sany America

UAB Collat School of Business

Town and Country Ford and Quick Lane

COB West Terminus

Meadowbrook 500

Savoy Automobile Museum

Edge Water Mall

UAB New Student Center

UAB School of Business

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

University Medical Center Physicians

Yancey Rents – Hubbard Town

Porsche Headquarters - North America

Location: Atlanta, GA

Architect: HOK – Atlanta, GA

General Contractor: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. – Atlanta, GA

Material: 4mm Reynobond FR ACM in Custom White Pearlescent and Cosmic Gray Mica

Abrams System: AAP-100 Rout and Return Dry-Joint Rainscreen

Distinction: Commercial

Application: Facade

Shelby County Services Building

Location: Birmingham, AL

Architect: Williams Blackstock Architects

General Contractor: Clements Dean Building Co.

Materials: Reynobond 4mm FR ACM in Champagne Mica and Classic Bronze

Distinction: Government

Application: Facade

Lakeview Green Apartments

Location: Birmingham, AL

Architect: Cohen Carnaggio Reynolds Architects – Birmingham, AL

General Contractor: Stewart Perry Construction, AL

Materials: ATAS International – Vertical Rigid Wall II Metal Wall Panels

Finishes: Hartford Green, Forest Green, Hemlock Green, Patina Green, Regal Blue, Slate Blue

Metafor / Finishes: Dove Gray, Charcoal Gray

Versa-Seam / Finish: Bone White

Gaten Series / Finish: A-13 Dove Gray

ElZinc – Abrams Fabricated 1mm Zinc Flat Lock Panels  / Finish: Slate Gray

Laminators – Omegalite / Finish: Dove Gray

Distinction: Multifamily/Retail

Application: Facade

Element Hotel

Location: Nashville, TN

Architect: Niles Bolton Associates – Atlanta, GA

General Contractor: Crain Construction – Nashville, TN

Material: Petersen Aluminum PAC-CLAD – Box Rib 1,2,3, and 4 in alternating pattern

Finish: Charcoal

Laminators – 6mm Composite Omegalite

Finish: Charcoal and Bright Silver

Dynamix Custom Metal Fabricators – Extruded Aluminum 6” N’VEE Plank System with Wood Grain Finish

Finish: Black Ashe, Cherry Half Flame, Bamboo

Abrams Systems: Petersen PAC-CLAD – Concealed Fastener with Abrams Fabricated Trim

Laminators Omegalite – AAP 1000 6mm Tight-Fit Molding System

Dynamix Custom Metals – AAP N’VEE 6” Plank System

Distinction: Hospitality

Application: Façade, Interior Design

AT&T Data Center

Location: Hoover, AL

Architect: PWBA Architects, Inc. – Montgomery, AL

General Contractor: Lakeshore Environmental Contractor – Birmingham, AL

Material: 4mm Alucobond FR ACM in Brushed Graphite and Brushed Stainless

Abrams Panel System: AAP-100 Rout and Return Dry-Joint Rainscreen

Distinction: Commercial

Application: Facade

Greyhound Bus Station

Location: Birmingham, AL

Architect: Williams Blackstock Architects – Birmingham, AL

General Contractor: Stewart Perry Construction – Birmingham, AL

Material: Reynobond 4mm FR ACM

Finish: Anodic Clear

Abrams Custom Radius Aluminum Plate Panels

Finish: PPG Duranar Sunlight Silver

Abrams Custom Fit Accent Stripe

Finish: PPG Duranar Roasted Red Peppers

Abrams Systems: Reynobond 4mm FR ACM – AAP-700 Composite Male-Female (Wet-Seal)

Aluminum Plate – AAP-900 Aluminum Plate Wet-Seal

Distinction: Public Transportation

Application: Façade

Porsche of Orlando

Location: Orlando, FL

Architect: Praxis 3 – Atlanta, GA

General Contractor: Envirostruct – Bonita Springs, FL

Material: 4mm Reynobond FR ACM

Finish: Bright Silver, Bright Silver – Perforated

Petersen PAC-CLAD – .040 Aluminum HWP 16”

Finish: Black Aluminum

Abrams Systems: Reynobond NOA Rainscreen

Pac-Clad Concealed Fastener Panels with Abrams Fabricated Trim

Distinction: Retail/Dealership

Application: Façade

UAB Abroms-Engel Institute for Visual Arts

Location: Birmingham, AL

Architect: Davis Architects

General Contractor: Hoar Construction

Material: VMZinc 0.8mm Zinc Panels

Finish: Quartz-Zinc hand patinated by Abrams Architectural Products

Abrams System: AAP 1200 Flatlock Zinc System

Distinction: Fine Arts/Museum

Application: Façade

Porsche Service Center

Project: Porsche Service Center

Location: Porsche HQ – Atlanta, GA

Architect: YSM Design Architecture – Atlanta, GA

General Contractor: PRO Building Company – Chamblee, GA

Material: 4mm Alucobond FR ACM

Finish: Sunrise Silver Metallic II

Petersen Aluminum PAC-CLAD – HWP 12”

Finish: Black Aluminum

Abrams Systems: AAP-100 Rout and Return Dry-Joint Rainscreen

PAC-CLAD HWP Concealed Fastener – Horizontal Application

Distinction: Commercial/Automotive

Application: Façade

Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Location: Corpus Christi, TX

Architect: Page Southerland Page, Inc. – Austin, TX

General Contractor: Fulton Construction

Materials: Reynobond 4mm FR ACM , Finishes: Custom Green, Anodic Satin, Matte Blue

0.125” Aluminum Perforated Panels, Finishes: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Anodic Satin

0.125” Aluminum Plate Panels (Non-Perforated), Finishes: Blue, Green

AAP Custom Gate Aluminum Mesh and Tubing, Finish: Anodic Satin

Abrams Systems: ACM – AAP-700 Male/Female Wet-Seal System

Perforated Panels – AAP Custom Job Specific System

Plate Panels – AAP-700 Male/Female Wet-Seal – Plate Application

Distinction: Healthcare

Application: Façade 

Sany America

Location: Peachtree City, GA

Architect: Perkins & Will – Atlanta, GA

General Contractor: Conlan Company – Marrietta, GA

Material: Abrams Custom Fabricated Aluminum Plate Panels

Abrams System: AAP-900 Aluminum Plate Rout and Return Wet-Seal, Finish: Silver

Distinction: Commercial

Application: Facade

UAB Collat School of Business

Location: Birmingham, AL

Architect: Williams Blackstock – Birmingham, AL

General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie

Material: 4MM Reynobond FR ACM / Finish: Pewter and Silversmith

ACM Column Covers – 4MM Reynobond FR / Finish: Silversmith

Standing Seam Roof Panels – 24 GA Berridge Tee Panel / Finish: Zinc Cote and Lead Cote

Solid and Perforated Metal Wall Panels – Petersen Pac-Clad Precision Series / Finish: Weathered Zinc

Abrams Systems: ACM Wall Panels – AAP-700 Male/Female Wet-Seal

ACM Column Covers – AAP-C300 Wet-Seal

Roof Panels – Berridge Standing Seam Tee Panel

Metal Wall Panels – Concealed Fastener with Abrams Fabricated Trim

Distinction: University

Application: Façade, Interior Column Covers, Roofing

Town and Country Ford and Quick Lane

Location: Bessemer, AL

Architect: Hendon & Huckestein Architects

General Contractor: Goodgame Company Inc.

Material: 4mm Reynobond FR ACM, Finishes: Natural Brushed Aluminum, Pewter, Orange

MBCI 7/8” Corrugated, Finish: Slate Gray

Abrams Systems: AAP-100 Rout and Return Dry-Joint Rainscreen

Distinction: Automotive

Application: Façade

COB West Terminus

Location: Birmingham, AL

Architect: Wendel Architects/Studio 2H Design

General Contractor: Taylor Miree – Birmingham, AL

Material: Centria Metalwrap Barrier Wall Panels

4MM Reynobond FR ACM, Finishes: Konig Blue, Cadet Gray

PAC-CLAD Highline C2 MWP, Finish: Musket Gray

Distinction: Public Transportation

Application: Insulation/Façade

Meadowbrook 500

Location: Birmingham, AL

Architect: ASD/SKY – Birmingham, AL

GC: Hallmark Builders – Birmingham, AL

Material: 4mm Reynobond FR (Finish: Anodic Clear)

Abrams System: AAP-100 Dry-Joint Rainscreen

Distinction: Commercial Office Space

Application: Façade/Canopy Wrap

Savoy Automobile Museum

Location: Cartersville, GA

Architect: Inox Design – Marietta, GA

General Contractor: Adverse Inc. – Cartersville, GA

Materials: ACM – Reynobond 4mm FR ACM.

Finishes: Long Brushed Aluminum and Classic Red

Custom Wheel Ceiling

Distinction: Museum

Application: Interior

Edge Water Mall

Location: Biloxi, MS

Architect: CMH Architects – Birmingham, AL

General Contractor: Stewart Perry Construction – Birmingham, AL

Material: Reynobond 4mm FR ACM, Finishes: Bone White and Cadet Grey

Abrams Custom Aluminum Tube, Finish: Bone White

Distinction: Shopping Center

Application: Facade

UAH New Student Center - Huntsville, Alabama

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Architect: Turner Batson – Birmingham, AL

General Contractor: Pearce Construction, Huntsville, AL    

Materials: 4mm Reynobond, Berridge 24 GA.

Finishes: Bright Silver Metallic, Sierra Tan, Zinc Cote, Cinnagold Dust

Aluminum Composite:  4mm Reynobond, AAP-500 Route and Return

Metal Wall Panels – Berridge 24 GA. S-Deck Exposed Fastener and FW12 Concealed Fastener

Distinction: Higher Education

Application: Facade

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Location: Daytona Beach, FL

Material: 4mm Reynobond ACM in Program Black and Bright Silver

Abrams System: AAP-100 Rout & Return Dry-Joint Rainscreen

Application: Façade

Distinction: Car Dealership

University Medical Center Physicians – New Family and Children’s Clinic

Location: Lubbock, TX

Year Finished: 2022

GC: Teinert Construction – Lubbock, TX

Architect: Condray Design Service – Lubbock, TX

Materials: ACM – 4MM Alucobond in Anodic Clear and Ocean Finishes

Aluminum Wood Grain System – Dynamix Custom Metals N’Vee 6” Plank System. Finish: Blonde Cherry

ACM System – AAP-100 Route and Return Dry-Joint Rainscreen

Yancey Rents – Hubbard Town

Location: Cumming, GA

Architect: Warner/Summers, – Atlanta, GA

General Contractor: Sheridan Construction, Macon, GA

Material: Reynobond  – Pac Clad

Abrams Panel System: Reynobond 4mm FR ACM – AAP – 500 Rout and Return, Finish: Silversmith

Pac Clad – Pack Clad – PR – 24 GA Steel, Finish: Sandstone

Pac Clad-H – 24 GA Steel – Finish: Charcoal

Pac Clad – 24 GA Steel – Finish:  Silversmith

Distinction: Commercial

Application: Facade